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If you are planning to graduate this May and have not submitted your petition you must petition by the published final petition deadline (April 15) to ensure that your name will appear in the program.
Please note that petitions will be accepted after that point with the late fee (up until May 22) but your name will not appear in the program.

Summer and Fall 2014 Milano Course Schedules

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Professor Joseph Heathcott to Teach at University of Vienna’s Summer Institute in Urban Studies

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAssociate Professor of Urban Studies and Associate Dean for Academic Initiatives Joseph Heathcott has been invited to serve as a visiting faculty member at the University of Vienna’s Summer Institute in Urban Studies.  The Institute brings together graduate students from across Europe in fields such as city planning, architecture, sociology, and urban design for two weeks of intensive study.  The theme of this year’s Institute will be “The Right to the City: Appropriations of Public Spaces in Transition.”  While there, Prof. Heathcott will conduct theory and methods workshops with students, participate in studio projects, and lead site visits in Vienna.  He will also give a public talk titled “Official, Informal, Insurgent: Creative Approaches to Public Space.”  In addition to the Institute, Prof. Heathcott will also participate in a symposium on “Global Garbage” at the Institute for European and North African Relations in Paris, and will present his work on urban planning and design in post-industrial Paris at the annual meeting of the European Architectural History Network in Turin.



Kristin Reynolds & Nevin Cohen on Urban Agriculture and Cultivating Social Justice

Mialno part-time Lecturer Kristin Reynolds and Assistant Professor of Environmental Studies Nevin Cohen recently wrote an op-ed piece for the Huffington Post entitled A Kale of Two Cities: Cultivating Social Justice. In the article, Reynolds and Cohen make the argument that growing food in an urban city is more powerful as a means to social justice, rather than simply providing healthy, local food options. From the article:

Food and Farm Farm School

Associate Press

“Growing more food in the city is not the solution to food access, nor is it the one and only way to address injustice in the food system. But the act of cultivating crops, along with the community activities that take place within these spaces, can make a difference.”

Reynolds and Cohen also recently published Urban Agriculture Policy Making in New York’s “New Political Spaces”: Strategizing for a Participatory and Representative System in the Journal of Planning Education and Research.

Reynolds and Cohen are authors of the book Beyond the Kale: Urban Agriculture and Social Justice Activism in New York City, forthcoming from the University of Georgia Press. They presented their findings from the book in February, the footage of which can be viewed here.

Milano Professor Rick McGahey Weighs In On Paul Ryan’s Budget Proposal

CNN published an opinion piece by Professor Rick McGahey in which he criticizes the Republican designed budget entitled The Path To Rick-McGahey2Prosperity, recently passed by the House.  The main architect of the budget is Congressman Paul Ryan who represents Wisconsin’s 1st District and is the current Chairman of the House Budget Committee. McGahey calls the budget a mere strategic move by Ryan which attempts to appeal to hard core Republican fiscal values in a ploy to position himself for the 2016 presidential election.  The article speaks to the broader, more troublesome reality that Washington will likely be dragged back into budget wars fueled by ideological battles that most Americans reject.  The battle lines are drawn along dividing issues such as military spending, tax cuts, and social welfare programs like Medicaid, Obamacare and Social Security.

The budget proposes an increase in military spending while implementing tax cuts for the wealthy and slashing funding for welfare programs.  McGahey takes issue with Ryan’s claim that the budget is a balanced one that will lead Americans down that path to prosperity.  In the article McGahey asks “How can Ryan claim that his budget is balanced? By invoking what used to be called “voodoo economics” — assuming budget cuts and unfair tax cuts will unleash economic growth and generate adequate tax revenue”.      He goes on to compare the math used in Republican budgets to the movie “Dumb and Dumber” or “Phony and Phonier” and laments that “sanity once again is playing second fiddle to intra-party Republican battles”.



Designer, Meet Policymaker – A Collaborative Effort

The Milano School of International Affairs, Management, and Urban Policy, Urban Policy Lab has collaborated with Parsons to take a stab at prison reform. After a yearlong campaign,  the Correctional Association of New York is contemplating a major makeover—from both a policy and design standpoint. Students from both programs have had the opportunity to collaborate and experience the importance of each specialty. Jeff Smith a part time professor and overseer for the lab states, “Today, so many of our policy problems have major design processes,” says Smith. “Policy analysts and designers need to cohesively interact in order to maximize political feasibility and impact.”Parsons_Milano-796

The lab now in its second year is composed of four eight-student teams equally representing Milano and Parsons—develops policy recommendations and designs for a range of real-world clients. Over about six weeks’ time, teams complete two proposals that they then present. Many of the clients end up incorporating the students’ proposals into their existing strategic plans or campaigns.



Student Spotlight: Laura Wainer

Laura WainerFulbright Scholar Laura Wainer is a GPIA student concentrating in development. Originally from Buenos Aires, Argentina, she moved to NYC during the summer of 2013 to attend The New School. She holds a bachelor’s degree in architecture from the University of Buenos Aires with a specialization in Development in Urban Regions from the General Sarmiento National University. In this interview Laura discusses her perspectives on NYC, why she chose to attend The New School and her professional and academic history.




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