Postcards, Post-Sandy is an ongoing digital memory site of curated photographs, stories, videos and interviews recording the effects of Superstorm Sandy, hosted by The New School for Public Engagement. We invite your stories, images and comments into our community.

Submit your story or photograph here or email them to sandypostcards@gmail.com.


The project is also a five-week, 1-credit, online/on-site course that is exploring the ways social media is currently being used and leveraged in the aftermath of Superstorm Sandy.  The course through this project is looking at how social media enables us to share significant experiences, organize recovery logistics for those in need, and serves as a historical archive for this ongoing example of public engagement. The instructor:  Kathleen Sweeney, a multimedia writer, artist and activist explores the intersections of video, social media and social change.

Students participating are bringing their interest in social justice, media, journalism, writing, digital design, production, and promotion all together in one place.

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