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Reminder – Graduation Petition Deadline April 15th

If you are planning to graduate this May and have not submitted your petition you must petition by the published final petition deadline (April 15) to ensure that your name will appear in the program. Please note that petitions will be accepted after that point with the late fee (up until May 22) but your name will not …

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Alumni Spotlight: Diana Rusu


“As a result of my research and interviews I have concluded that the best way women can bring the change is by taking a more participatory approach. They should involve themselves in professional trainings, they should be educated, come with ideas and develop them (even if this means failing sometimes). [As a result they will] become aware of their rights and gender equality in society [and they will] fight and speak for their liberties, [and they will] become more powerful.” -Diana Rusu

Announcing a Milano Visibility Survey

The aim of the questionnaire is to increase Milano’s visibility by capturing who we are, what we do, and why that matters. We ask you to name qualities and features that positively describe the Milano School and answer a series of five open-ended questions.

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Creating a Route to Success


Like most people my age, I feel the pressures of a shifting economic landscape. In part, I have interpreted these pressures to mean that if I want to be competitive in the job market, particularly in these fields, it would be an immense asset to have an advanced degree. These interests in a general sense speak to where my priorities are in terms of career and the type of society I would like to help create.

Student Spotlight: Jesse Bania

Jesse Bania is student in the GPIA program concentrating in development. In the summer of 2013 he participated in the IFP to Kosovo where he interned with the Kosovo Innovations Lab, By Youth for Youth pillar.

“Involve youth in their future. Begin with making education a critical, creative, and collaborative part of that process and you can quite easily direct their hopes and dreams locally.”

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