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Independent Diplomat: Somaliland’s Struggle for Recognition

Media Report Presentation Team Leila Tayeb Christina Kiel Sarwat Hameed Vishakha Apte Organization Independent Diplomat About Although Somaliland’s moral and legal validity for statehood recognition is strong and substantiated, pursuing recognition through reference to moral and legal arguments has proved thus far unsuccessful. Most governments still largely ignore this de facto state’s success and the broader international public …

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Independent Diplomat: Advocacy for Somaliland

Media Report Presentation Team Ilir Deda Jenna Mancini Tamara Shahabian Organization Independent Diplomat About As a basis for comparison, this report includes three case studies on Eritrea, Kosovo and Nagorno-Karabakh – all cases in which a varying level of statehood has been achieved. Eritrea, which is now internationally recognized; Kosovo, which is well on its way …

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