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UNICEF: Child Poverty in Nicaragua

Media Report Presentation Team Tatiana Macio Blerta Cela Verouschka Capellan Michela Calabrese Aja Badame Organization United Nations Children Fund (UNICEF) About In 1999, the World Bank and International Monetary Fund began requiring low-income countries to develop national Poverty Reduction Strategies (PRSP) to receive debt relief and further concessional lending. However, despite five years of PRSP …

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UNICEF: Equitable Aid Distribution

Media Report Presentation Team Amy Lee Luzmila Lambrano Makousse Kone Elena Guzman Yasmeen Hayes Organization United Nations Children Fund (UNICEF) About Developed countries’ commitment to eradicate poverty and the staggering number of people dying everyday from hunger, disease and conflict should be sufficient reasons to spark a debate about aid allocation. However, it was the realization that countries …

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UNICEF: Children’s Social Protection

Media Report Presentation Team Natalia Mezsaros Martin Mercado John Lindsay Alejandra Davidziuk Tanya Chen Organization United Nations Children Fund (UNICEF) About This pilot project is the first step towards the creation of a comprehensive database that can survey national-level social protection programmes for women, children, and families worldwide. The initial step of this project gathered existing definitions …

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