Julien J. Studley Graduate Program in International Affairs

Welcome to the SGPIA resource page. Below you will find links to information to help you navigate the SGPIA program and utilize the benefits the program offers. 

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Resources for Practice, Thesis and Research Portfolio Options

  • Research Portfolio: 

    Review about the Research Portfolio option to gain a better understanding of the practice option.

  • Thesis: 

To enroll in Thesis Supervision, you must:

  1.  Complete the Thesis Registration Form 

  2.  Once your thesis advisor has signed your thesis registration form bring it to Phil Akre, or to the GPIA Front Desk at 72 Fifth Avenue, 7th floor.

  3.  Upon submitting the thesis registration form you will receive the CRN for your Thesis Supervisor’s section, and be given permission in the system to register for that CRN (you cannot register until this permission has been granted).

Become familiar with the Thesis Guidelines and throughout the thesis process use the Thesis Checklist to ensure you are completing all requirements.

To graduate in May 2016 you are expected to

  1.  Have taken Thesis Supervision by Spring 2016.

  2.  Deposit your thesis by the May 2, 2016 deadline.

  3.  Submit the Thesis Checklist (above).

If you have any questions, please email intaffairs@newschool.edu!


Recent International Affairs Posts

International Field Program 2016: Updates from Argentina and Ethiopia

Read Part 1 of the IFP 2016 updates: "2016 International Field Program: Updates from South Africa and Cuba".The 2016 International Field Program (IFP) offers students an opportunity to engage with local organizations and communities in six countries around the world: South Africa, Cuba, Colombia, the Balkans, Argentina and Ethiopia. In Argentina and Ethiopia, students are currently conducting a wide range of projects, including work on the growing concern of urban pollution in Buenos Aires, and microfinance in rural Ethiopia. Argentina Students in the Argentina IFP are working in Buenos Aires, along the Matanza-Riachuelo River, a tributary of the Rio de ...

2016 International Field Program: Updates from South Africa and Cuba

Launched in 2002, the International Field Program (IFP) is an important and popular program for students, merging practical field experience with theories studied in the classroom. This year, IFP students are stationed at six sites around the world, including Havana, Cuba and Cape Town, South Africa and are working with local organizations on a wide range of projects, addressing pressing issues in their communities. SOUTH AFRICAStudents have traveled to South Africa to participate in the IFP since 2007. This year, students are working with Shack/Slum Dwellers International (SDI) and the African Centre for Cities (ACC) on various urban development projects ...

SGPIA Founding Director Michael Cohen’s Road to Habitat III

Professor Michael Cohen gives the closing remarks at the New School Cities & Social Justice Conference on Human Rights & Public Policy in the Americas, July 2015.Walking around Buenos Aires, Argentina in the late 1990s, Michael Cohen made an interesting observation that much like in New York, where you lived determined how you lived. An exclusive part of town was clean, with reliable services, better schools and safer neighborhoods while most of the city lived in much less favorable conditions. His early investigation showed that the city spent a higher proportion of available public funds on the "good" side of ...
From left to right: Katarzyna Wrobel, Elyse Greenblatt, Laurie Cumbo, (Chair of the City Council Committee on Women's Issues), Helen Rosenthal, (Council Member of New York City), Monica Llaguno, Dafne Regenhardt

SGPIA Students Testify to NY City Council About Importance of Access to Menstrual Hygiene Products

Four SGPIA students testified in a New York City Council hearing last week that will shape the first U.S. legislation regarding equal access to menstrual hygiene products. The June 2 Committee on Women’s Issues Hearing deliberated a package of bills that would make menstrual hygiene products free and readily available at New York City schools, correctional facilities and shelters. The testimony of students Elyse Greenblatt, Monica Llaguno, Dafne Regenhardt, and Katarzyna Wrobel regarded four months of research they recently completed on women’s needs, access and experiences surrounding menstruation and menstrual products in the municipal shelter system. Their testimony supported a ...