Julien J. Studley Graduate Program in International Affairs

Welcome to the SGPIA resource page. Below you will find links to information to help you navigate the SGPIA program and utilize the benefits the program offers. 

Visit the SGPIA page on The New School’s official site to learn about degree requirements, application information, program faculty, practice and thesis options, and program concentrations.

For general program and New School resource information for incoming students, you can view PowerPoint slides here.

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Resources for Practice, Thesis and Research Portfolio Options

  • Research Portfolio: 

    Review about the Research Portfolio option to gain a better understanding of the practice option.

  • Thesis: 

To enroll in Thesis Supervision, you must:

  1.  Complete the Thesis Registration Form 

  2.  Once your thesis advisor has signed your thesis registration form bring it to Phil Akre, or to the GPIA Front Desk at 72 Fifth Avenue, 7th floor.

  3.  Upon submitting the thesis registration form you will receive the CRN for your Thesis Supervisor’s section, and be given permission in the system to register for that CRN (you cannot register until this permission has been granted).

Become familiar with the Thesis Guidelines and throughout the thesis process use the Thesis Checklist to ensure you are completing all requirements.

To graduate in May 2016 you are expected to

  1.  Have taken Thesis Supervision by Spring 2016.

  2.  Deposit your thesis by the May 2, 2016 deadline.

  3.  Submit the Thesis Checklist (above).

If you have any questions, please email intaffairs@newschool.edu!


Recent International Affairs Posts


SGPIA Alum Alexandra Vasquez Receives Fulbright Award to Colombia

SGPIA alum Alexandra Vasquez was two weeks deep into a summer-long housing development project with the International Field Program (IFP) in Colombia when she realized she wanted to return to the country one day to live and work more extensively. Alexandra’s goal will soon become a reality; she recently accepted the 2016-2017 Fulbright U.S. Student Award to Colombia.Alexandra, who graduated in January 2016, spent last summer in Colombia's mountainous town of Pácora, where she collaborated with six other IFP students and Professor Chris London to ease the housing transition of local residents who had recently won a lottery to live in a ...
Screen Shot 2016-04-19 at 2.03.40 PM

SGPIA Mini-Talk: Professor Jonathan Bach Explores Past & Future Prospects of the EU

In 2001, when SGPIA was created, the European project seemed to be on the ascendancy with the creation of a common currency. Today, the failed response to economic shocks, the ongoing refugee crisis, and recent terrorist attacks in Belgium and France all raise questions about the viability of a unified Europe. In this 90 second video below—one of a series of mini-talks given at our recent Celebration of SGPIA at 15 years—Professor Jonathan Bach explores the recent past and future prospects of the European Union.SGPIA Mini Talk: Europe by Professor Jonathan Bach from New School International Affairs on Vimeo.Debt crises,   "If ...

Hollywood Cold War Symposium Bridges Gap Between Politics and Culture

Media has an innate ability to construct identities, both for ourselves and for the “other.” Given Hollywood’s exceptional role as an American primary cultural institution, its power in this construction is not to be underrated, although it often is. Representations of a friend or a foe that flow through Hollywood usually fit a formulaic equation with predetermined political outcomes.The Russian experience provides a rich case study of this phenomenon. It exemplifies how Hollywood cements the image of the “other,” in opposition to which America always appears to be standing tall. Just take Air Force One (1997) – six years after ...

Event Preview: The Battle Over TPP and TTIP Trade Agreements (April 28 & April 29)

Rules, Rights, and Resistance: The Battle Over TPP and TTIPOne day conference at The New SchoolApril 29, 2016, 9am - 6pm, Reception to FollowThe Auditorium, 66 West 12th Street, New York, NY 10011Cast as “trade agreements," a momentous re-writing and consolidation of the basic rules governing the global economy is being pursued across the globe.  At play is much more than “trade.”  Driven by commercial interest and industry associations, the rules in these agreements - like the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), and TransAtlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) - cover core elements of politics and economics, including investment, dispute resolution, intellectual property, public procurement policy and much ...