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NASPAA Climate Change Simulation

 Alexander Bryden along with hundreds of other Master's students participated in the Network of Schools of Public Policy Affairs, and Administration Student Simulation Competition at eight sites around the world. Their mission: solve the global climate crisis. See the detailed experience of NASPAA here as Bryden describes the grueling process of discussing and collaborating with other students from various regions about the steps to take in order to solve issues such as Carbon Pricing, Population Consumption, Agriculture and Land Use, Fossil Fuels, Sustainable Energy, Energy Efficiency, and Climate Hawks.  ...

Milano Assistant Professor Rachel Meltzer Op-Ed: “Why Support Small Businesses? It’s More Than the Economy, Stupid!”

Assistant Professor of Urban Policy Analysis & Management, Rachel Meltzer, recently posted an Op-Ed to City Limits on the importance of supporting small businesses.  In her piece, Meltzer maps out 5 key benefits of the uplifting and support of small businesses on the local level, writing that “Certainly, we need to think about public interventions to help small businesses form and thrive, especially in places where the costs of operation are highest. However, those solutions take time and political will. The reality is that while small businesses need us, we need to start realizing that we are just as reliant ...
NASPAA award

Milano Recognized by NASPAA for Social Justice Initiatives

Earlier this year, the Milano School of International Affairs, Management, and Urban Policy received recognition from the Network of Schools of Public Policy, Affairs, and Administration (NASPAA) in the form of their annual Social Equity Award.  The Social Equity Award is given to the accredited program that NASPAA feels has shown the greatest commitment to social equity through their curricula, faculty and student research, and related initiatives.  NASPAA recently presented the award to Milano Dean Michelle Depass and Urban Policy Chair Professor Alec Gershberg at an honorary ceremony. The Milano School of International Affairs, Management, and Urban Policy community has a lot to ...

Urban Policy Professor Darrick Hamilton on the Black Boycott of Black Friday

On November 27th, the Daily Beast published a piece called "The Black Boycott of Black Friday," on activists urging Black Americans to Boycott Black Friday as an exercise of their economic power in the country. The Daily Beast spoke with Darrick Hamilton, Associate Professor of Economics and Urban Policy and Director of Milano Doctoral Program, on how to effectively stage an economic boycott. Hamilton said, “The direct effects are basically through discipline, and having a large enough base by which the assets of your commerce can affect the company’s bottom line of sales. But, indirectly, you can be effective by affecting their reputation ...
mario marin

Mario Marin Announced as New Milano Alumni Ambassador Chair

Milano Dean Michelle DePass would like to make the following announcement: I am pleased to announce that Mario Marin, class of ‘95, has been appointed Milano Alumni Ambassador Chairperson. Mario Marin is a senior executive who has worked in the government, corporate and non-profit sectors for over 20 years.  He is currently the Vice President of Development for the United Way of Greater Los Angeles where he works to mobilize thousands of donors to Create Pathways out of Poverty and improve the lives of Los Angeles County residents.  Prior to this role, he was the Sr. Director of Corporate Accounts with Grainger, ...