Professor McCandless Participating in United Nations Expert Meetings on Developing an Indicator Framework

Dr. McCandlDrErinMcCandless (1)ess is attending UNDESA Expert Group meetings on indicator framework for the post-2015 development framework this week. Over the last several years, she has been engaged with various specialist networks working to infuse peace, security, governance and justice concerns into the new framework (“goal 16”). UN discussions are presently focused around indicators, and Dr. McCandless is drawing on her two years serving on the International Dialogue on Peacebuilding and Statebuilding (IDPS) / “New Deal“. Technical Working Group on Indicators in efforts to influence the process. This Indicator Working Group was mandated to develop indicators to measure the Peacebuilding and Statebuilding Goals (PSGs), and after extensive political and technical dialogue at global and national levels, produced a list of “Common Indicators” around these goals.

McCandless is representing the Civil Platform on Peacebuilding and Statebuilding (CSPPS) – the body coordinating and supporting civil society engagement in the New IDPS process. This week she is spearheading inputs around goal 16 and wider efforts to mainstream peace/governance/justice perspectives into the overarching framework. Her current thinking (and that of CSPPS) on these issues can be found here.

She will be speaking on this topic at a stakeholder dialogue on “Measuring Goal 16: Building on Experience” involving the UN, member state representatives and civil society, on March 2, at the United Nations Quaker Office.

Dr. McCandless also sits on the UNDP experts virtual network group of experts working on goal 16.

She has also published on this topic in Global Governance journal.




GPIA Alumna Nora Rahimian Leverages Hip Hop to Inspire Social Change

Nora RahimianNora Rahimian is a 2012 graduate of the International Affairs program at The New School. Prior to earning her M.A., Nora worked with perpetrators of violence to develop community-based peacebuilding strategies. She continued this work while at The New School and on the International Field Program (IFP) in Liberia where she began work on the Liberian Prison Project, a 2012 New Challenge Award Winner. After graduation, Nora returned to Liberia to start a community-led violence prevention and intervention program that trained nontraditional community leaders as Conflict Transformers and established alternative education spaces for out-of-school youth.



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New Challenge Symposium Wednesday, March 4

New ChallengeNew Challenge Symposium
Wednesday, March 4 from 5 – 8 p.m.
Theresa Lang Center, 55 West 13th Street
New Challenge is The New School’s ideas competition for students who are committed to creating innovative approaches to addressing social and environmental challenges on a local or global scale.  The New Challenge Symposium gives students who enter the competition an opportunity to share their projects with the New School community and the broader public.  During the event, students will describe their ideas, receive feedback from those in attendance, and meet others who share their passion for social innovation.  We have received a total of 67 submissions this year from 150 students.  
Following the Symposium, we will announce the 20 projects selected as finalists.  One of the 20 finalists will be selected via Community Vote.  We invite you to participate in this process by visiting the New Challenge New challenge votingpage on Facebook here where you can vote for your favorite project by March 5, 2015.  The project receiving the most “likes” will advance to the Finalist Round of the competition.
To learn more about New Challenge, visit

Romancing True Power D20 Journal Available Online Now

Romancing True Power Poster (1)D20 Journal, produced in conjunction with the exhibition Romancing True Power, is now available online. You can read the journal here.

D20 Journal is published by Associate Dean Nina Khrushcheva with meticulous research and production conducted by GPIA student Yiqing Wang, and expert editorial contribution provided by another GPIA student Beth Pappas. This work–a close collaboration with Ms Wang–deals with aspects of Professor Khrushcheva’s latest study of power, leadership and strongmen, in part supported by the Studley Faculty Research Fund. The journal, the exhibition’s supplement, focuses on trappings, constructs and typology of dicktatorial leadership style and investigates the strong-man rule across the globe and recent historical periods.

GPIA alumna Tracie Ninh, current GPIA students Timothy Kenyon and Timothy Holborn, and many others including generations of students of Professor Khrushcheva’s comparative propaganda-related courses have contributed to the creation of the Romancing True Power exhibition and D20 Journal. 

You can also check out copies of the journal at the exhibition site, Arnold and Sheila Aronson Galleries, 66 Fifth Avenue, New York. Romancing True Power: D20 is on view until Thursday February 26, 2015.

Watch Romancing True Power: D20 panel discussion here.



Professor Stephen J. Collier Co-Edits New Issue of Limn Magazine

Collier2The new issue of Limn Number 5: Ebola’s Ecologies was edited by Andrew Lakoff, Stephen J. Collier and Christopher Kelty.

ebola picThis issue explores how the 2014 Ebola outbreak has put the norms, practices, and institutional logics of global health into question, and examines the new assemblages that are being forged in its wake. The contributions focus on various domains of thought and practice that have been implicated in the current outbreak, posing questions such as: What has been learned about the ambitions and the limits of humanitarian medical response? What insights are emerging concerning the contemporary organization of global health security? To what extent have new models of biotechnical innovation been established in the midst of the crisis.




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