International Field Program-Urban Students Use Social Cartography to Map Cape Town in ’60 Days – 11 Maps – 1 City’

60days11maps1cityOver a 60 day period, 11 students from The New School spent time working at the African Center for Cities (ACC) or with other organizations in Cape Town to develop the maps contained in a project they have titled ’60 Days – 11 Maps – 1 City’ (low-res-5MB, hi-res-42MB). Each student produced a map that dealt with one particular issue of interest connected to the work they pursued during their time in Cape Town. The subject matter straddles multiple physical, institutional, social, political, economic and cultural territories. Laura Wainer, IFP-Urban Coordinator and 2015 International Affairs alumna, says ‘cumulatively, I think [these maps] give an interesting perspective on [Cape Town] and a new way of presenting urban research.’

The IFP team organized a well-attended exhibition featuring large-scale versions of their maps, at the University of Cape Town. Edgar Pieterse, Director of ACC and Toma Berlanda, Director of UCT’s School of Architecture, Planning and Geomatics presented at the exhibition and indicated that they thought that [’60 Days – 11 Maps – 1 City’] was an excellent starting point for further collaborations focused on exploring new strategies and methodologies of urban research between the The New School and UCT. 

The maps will be used and published by organizations and NGOs, such as Slum Dwellers International, iKhayalami and the Social Justice Coalition. City Government’s consultants and UCT researchers also plan on using the maps in classes and as summary descriptions of policy discussions. The complete set of maps will ultimately be uploaded to the ACC’s City Desired website.

Congratulations to all the 2015 South Africa IFP-Urban students who completed these maps. They are: Adana Austin, Christina Baptiste, Alexander Bryden, Ashley Buchalter, Brennan Camp, Sarah Cooper-Tognoli, Dasha Maher, Zung Nguyen, Michelle Olivero, Lindsay O’Neill-Caffrey, and Adam Thalenfeld


Nina Khrushcheva: “Here’s What Happened When I Held Up a ‘Putin is a Dick’ Sign in Red Square”

putin is aAssociate Dean Nina Khrushcheva made waves in the Russian media last week, after Quartz published her piece on the bold social experiment she recently conducted at the Kremlin. As part of her continuous research/social experiments on Dicktators and autocrats, Khrushcheva aimed to challenge the fear and apprehension that keeps so many Russians from being critical of -or outspoken against- president Vladimir Putin’s government. On that fear Khrushcheva writes,  

“The Kremlin thrives on this almost genetic fear. An overwhelming vigilance that we assign to the state—given Russia’s KGB-controlling history understandable but hardly excusable—saves the government a lot of actual scrutinizing. […] I went to Red Square to test my theory: that we should be afraid, but that we are even more afraid than we should be.”

For the full article, click here: “Here’s what happened when I held up a Putin is a Dick sign in Red Square.” 


Milano Launches New Course and Event Series: Politics and Policy

VotingRightsFlyerThe Politics and Policy series is a thought-provoking, stimulating series of courses and events. The series will combine in-class lectures and assignments with the hands-on experience and intellects of both American and Global politics experts in order to dissect the 2016 U.S. Presidential Elections, while also providing an international perspective. From the evolution of the two party system, to soccer’s impact on world politics, to the use of the propaganda ideology symbolism and political PR savvy to influence messaging, these courses and events will showcase the insights and practical knowledge of Milano professors and introduce students to a critical understanding of a presidential campaign and its inner workings.

The first event in the series will be an examination of voting rights in the U.S. election and the continuing fight for equal access to the ballot. This event’s panel will be moderated by Assistant Professor of Politics and Advocacy Jeff Smith, and invited panelists include The Nation’s Ari Berman, author of the forthcoming Give us the Ballot; the New York Times’ national political correspondent Maggie Haberman; Fordham political science professor Christina Greer; and Barbara Arwine of the Lawyers Committee for Civil Rights.

“Examination of Voting Rights in the U.S. Elections” will be held at the Theresa Lang Center (55 W. 13th Street, I202) on Monday, September 21st at 6:30 P.M.

Be a part of the conversation online as well as in class with #politicsandpolicy.


*Please note that panelists are subject to change.

Annel Cabrera, International Field Program Argentina Student, Discusses Her Work with Government-Community Cooperatives that Expand Potable Water

Annel Cabrera profileAnnel Cabrera, New School student in the International Affairs program, has just wrapped up two months in Argentina on the IFP where she carried out program research with AySA, the government agency responsible for granting and improving Buenos Aires’ water and sewage services, which the IFP has worked with for multiple years. In this interview Cabrera discusses the Argentina IFP and her projects.







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Alumna Spotlight: GPIA’s Yael Even Or Featured on Public Radio International’s The World

TjBOCka3GPIA alum Yael Even Or had some journalism experience in her native country of Israel prior to attending the The New School, but had never produced an audio story—or any type of story in the English language—until she took a class at Milano in the Spring of 2013. It turned out that this class would lead to her big break.

The Media and Culture class “Feet in 2 Worlds” is named after the organization of the same name, which dedicates itself to highlighting immigrant issues and is a project of the Center for New York City Affairs.   

One of Yael’s first stories for Feet in 2 Worlds was titled “Separated by War, Immigrant Mother Weighs Returning to Her Husband in Syria or Keeping Her Baby Safe in the U.S.” It was first published on the Feet in 2 Worlds website, and both WNYC and Public Radio International (PRI) The World subsequently asked that Yael create radio versions of the story for them. Reflecting back on the experience, Yael says, “Creating radio stories is obviously very different from writing stories for the web or print. As a journalist in the U.S. who’s not a native English speaker, it was kind of like discovering a new, universal language. It was great.”

Yael’s latest piece on The World, “Fresh from Burundi – this man is watching war breakout from afar”, explores a Burundian immigrant’s arrival to the U.S.  and what it is like to watch from afar as conflict unfolds in his home country. The story was published on July 21, 2015 as Burundi was experiencing another wave of conflict amid presidential elections.

Yael intends to keep reporting about immigration issues, focusing on events in the Middle East and Africa, and has recently been awarded the South African Taco Kuiper Grant to pursue an investigative project in the region.




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