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Resources for Faculty and Staff

Welcome Faculty and Staff Resources. To request a specific resource to be added to this page email milanocommunications@newschool.edu.


Receiving Administrative Support

Receive Support from Student Workers:

  • For basic office assistance like copying, scanning, or technology troubleshooting contact an administrative student worker on your floor.
  • For long-term projects or specialized tasks contact a student worker or staff from your program.


Submit Facilities Work Orders:


Send and Receive Mail (once a day pickup and delivery):

  • Mailboxes are located in the back of floors 5, 6, and 7 across from the kitchen area. 
  • Inter-office and Postal Service mail should be placed in the Outgoing bin near the mailboxes. 
  • Bulk mail requires a FOAP sticker/postage, which can be received from a student worker.


Scan, Copy, Print, and Fax with the Konica Minolta (one at back of floors 5, 6, and 7):

  • Access Code: 2000
  • Fax Numbers: 5th fl, 212.229.5404; 6th fl, 212.229.5335; 7th fl, coming soon
  • Contact an administrative student worker to have your computer configured to print directly to the Konica Minolta.
  • For all other technical issues contact Hyacinth Sargeant (Assistant Director of Administration, slaughtl@newschool.edu, 72 5th Ave, 521C, ext.1207).


Purchase Supplies, Submit Expenses and Book Travel:

  • Submit expenses and book travel through Concur. First time users must complete the Concur Application for Online Access and submit a hard copy to Hyacinth Sargeant (Assistant Director of Administration, slaughtl@newschool.edu, 72 5th Ave, 521C, ext.1207).
  • Employees that purchase small dollar amounts between $1 and $1,000, request small dollar items through purchasing or travel on behalf of The New School should apply for a University issued credit card.
  • Request general office supplies from student workers and specialized items from Hyacinth Sargeant (Assistant Director of Administration, slaughtl@newschool.edu, 72 5th Ave, 521C, ext.1207). 


Reserve Rooms for Meetings or Events:


Ordering Business Cards:

  • To order business cards when you are running low please send one to Hyacinth Sargeant (Assistant Director of Administration, slaughtl@newschool.edu, 72 5th Ave, 521C, ext.1207) indicating the quantity (250 or 500) and updates to the following fields: name, title line 1, title line 2, title line 3, email, telephone, extension, mobile, fax, social media contact 1, social media contact 2, social media contact 3, office/division 1, office/division 2, URL.

Administrative Forms:


Social Media and Faculty Bio

Publish to Milano Social Media Channels:
  • Channels include: Milano Central, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and the Listserv.
  • Email publish-ready content only to milanocommunications@newschool.edu. Include all relevant details such as event name, date, time, location, publication links, and a description.
  • Example posts include: registration, orientation or commencement details, conferences, publication announcements, media appearances, etc. Check out the social media channels linked to above for more ideas.
  • Jobs, internship and fellowship announcements should be sent to MilanoCareers@newschool.edu to be published on Career Services specific social media channels. 

Office Directories and Voicemail

Voicemail Setup Instructions

Milano Administration and Staff Directories:


Policies and Forms

Policies and Procedures:
Academic Forms:
  • Change of Grade Form (please direct questions to Lauretha Slaughter, Director of Student Affairs, slaughtl@newschool.edu, 72 5th Ave, room 505, ext. 1107)