Master of Science in Organizational Change Management

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2020 Graduate Student Awards

Outstanding Student Award

Best Paper Award
“Renewing the Interrogatory Imperative: Hope and Persistence from 20 Years of Interrogating Whiteness in OD”
 In 2001, Diane Grimes presented a charge to the field of organization development: that it should “get its own house in order,” by employing an “interrogation of whiteness” to examine the hidden assumptions about race embedded within OD literature and praxis. This paper explores how the field has responded to Grimes’ call to action over the past 20 years and examines how interrogations of whiteness have advanced the field’s capabilities to disrupt white supremacy culture within the discipline and its spheres of influence. A review of literature connects interrogating whiteness with its roots in critical race feminism and the humanistic values embedded in OD’s founding philosophies, then demonstrates significant advancements in the use of interrogating whiteness since Grimes’ original charge.

Key findings support the conclusion that the field is more meaningfully equipped than ever to pursue racial equity within organizations. These findings include the development of new awareness of white supremacy’s impact on diversity management, new lenses through which to conduct interrogations of whiteness, new language to describe the dynamics of white supremacy culture and ways of disrupting it, and new models for integrating interrogations of whiteness into OD praxis. This paper concludes with a renewed call to action, charging the field to apply these findings to an expanded, multi-dimensional disruptive inquiry of oppressive systems, and proposing that to meet a new cultural moment, OD must unbound itself from its factionalized view of equity/diversity/inclusion and strategic values alignment, and recognize liberatory praxis as fundamental to the work of the discipline.

2019 Graduate Student Awards

Gokce Gizer | Outstanding Student Award

Juliana Echeverri Arboleda | Best Paper Award for “Embedding Empathy in Technology: Case Studies of the World’s Empathic Companies”

The advanced seminar, capstone course, culminates the Milano experience in a meaningful and integrated way. Recent Student Capstone Projects

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"We will be thinking of you, one among a storied network of learners who graduated before you, reaching back for more than a century and forward into the future." —Mary Watson, Executive Dean, Schools of Public Engagement The Recognition Ceremony for the Milano School of Policy, Management, and Environment was held on Thursday, May 14, 2020. STUDENT SPEAKERAndrea Torres, Environmental Policy and Sustainability Management STUDENT AWARDS ENVIRONMENTAL POLICY AND SUSTAINABILITY MANAGEMENTJOHN CLINTON OUTSTANDING STUDENT AWARDAndrea TorresBEST PROFESSIONAL DECISION REPORT (PDR)Koorosh Behrang, "Insights From Behavioral Sciences for Moving Towards Sustainable Forest Management in New York"BEST PAPER OF PUBLISHABLE QUALITY (PPQ)Christian David ...
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Alumna Jody Adams ’18 #100WordsOrLess

Jody Adams Management, MS 2018 Executive Director Generation Change At Milano, I was able and encouraged to interlace what was truly “me” into my academic studies.  I combined my Wall Street experience, finance background and years of volunteering with my desire to better understand the intersection between gender and leadership. All of which led me to my current pursuit. Today, as Executive Director, I am charged with leading and nurturing a small, but impactful, girls’ leadership camp into a regionally recognized nonprofit determined to foster healthy relationships across generations with the intent of emboldening youth to be changemakers.  This work alone ...
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Alum Lindsay Kendrick ’11 named dean of students NYU Law

Milano Management alum Lindsay Kendrick, who joined NYU Law last November to head the Law School’s diversity and inclusion efforts, has been appointed dean of students. “Since joining us last year, Lindsay has become a very important leader of the NYU Law community," Dean Trevor Morrison says. "She brings great wisdom, sound judgment, and a deep commitment to our students—as well as to the goals of diversity and inclusion—to all that she does, and I am very grateful to her for taking on this new role." Kendrick will continue to serve as the Law School’s assistant dean for diversity and inclusion, ...
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Congratulations, Spring 2019 Graduates!

Highlights from the Milano School Master’s, PhD, and Certificate Candidates Recognition Ceremony, May 16, 2019 2019 Milano School Recognition Ceremony   The Evening in Pictures:  Recognition Ceremony 2019 Slideshow 2019 Student Speaker  Grace Saraspi Peñaranda 2019 Student Awards Recipients of the Distinguished Student Award Hanin Haithan Khawaja Grace Saraspi Peñaranda Recipient of the John Clinton Outstanding Environmental Policy and Sustainability Management Student Award Caroline Thompson MS in Environmental Policy and Sustainability Management Best Paper Award Maria C. Coello, Exploring the Impacts of Aerial Fumigation on Communities Near Banana Farms in the Province of Los Rios, Ecuador Recipient of the MS ...
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Milano Management Brown Bag Talk | Reimagining Social Movements

The power of social movements to hold governments, institutions, and individuals accountable is increasingly apparent in these troubling and turbulent times. While many people define any gathering of people as a social movement, in this Brown Bag, Milano Professor, Sujatha Jesudason shares a more nuanced definition of social movements and explores the need for creativity and innovation in reimagining social movements. She shares her work in creating a hub for Social Movements + Innovation @The New School and discusses the kinds of questions she is exploring in her community-engaged research and social justice leadership at the intersection of design, innovation, power, and movements. At this Milano Management Brown Bag, Prof Sujatha ...
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