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Organizational Change Management



Students in the Organizational Change Management program develop the strategic and critical thinking skills needed to implement planned change at all organizational levels.  Click here to find out more.

Summer and Fall 2014 Milano Course Schedules

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Congratulations to Erica Kohl-Arenas, Recipient of Faculty Award for Outstanding Achievements in Diversity and Social Justice Teaching

kohlarenas_pictureCongratulations to Erica Kohl-Arenas, the first recipient of the Faculty Award for Outstanding Achievements in Diversity and Social Justice Teaching! This is a new award that is specifically designed to recognize faculty members whose work has demonstrated a significant commitment to social justice.

Erica’s social justice teaching includes a Milano course, Participatory Community Engagement, that she developed and has run four times through community partnerships including with the Hunts Point Alliance for Children, The New York Theater Experience, Tenants and Neighbors NYC, the Red Hook Community Justice Center, and the Center for Court Innovation. In this class students gain an understanding of the theory behind participatory community development, popular education and critical pedagogy and collectively discuss questions of powerlessness, marginalization, poverty, and inequality and how participatory processes have inspired community driven and owned approaches to addressing these enduring problems. Students also engage with current academic critiques of participatory models (Participation: the new tyranny?) in order to learn how to critically analyze and evaluate participatory processes in the context of historical patterns of co-optation and control of poor people’s movements. In the class partnerships with local organizations and communities students learn and use key participatory facilitation strategies.

This award will be publicly presented at the university-wide 2014 Commencement Ceremony, which will take place Friday, May 23 at 11 a.m. at Madison Square Garden.



Alumni Spotlight: Alexis Hancock

Change Management Meets Web Technology: Alexis Hancock, MS 2013Alexis_Hancock

Recent Milano alum Alexis Hancock (OCM ‘13) is a software engineer at CBS Local Digital Media Group. In her professional life, Alexis combines her knowledge of the latest web technologies with all she learned as a student in the Organizational Change Management (OCM) program. It was always part of her plan to add change management skills to her technological background. We wanted to ask her about that.

How does change management add value to your high-skilled tech job?

It added the element of being able to sense and prepare for upcoming changes in group dynamics. The development team I am on is currently changing processes and adding new people. As an engineer, it’s very easy to get isolated in one’s work and just “go with the flow” and brace for the storm of frustrations that will come with not being engaged. The OCM program actually has instilled in me the courage to just go ahead and take action in change rather than just letting the project managers and senior engineers handle all the heavy lifting. (more…)

Spring 2014 Course Schedules

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Please note that schedules are subject to change, the links above are to the most recent schedules available.

Empowerhouse featured in Planning for Higher Education Journal Spring 2013 Special Issue

This journal spring 2013 special issue includes an article by EPSM Professor John Clinton, Former Parsons FTF Laura Briggs, and three Milano alums: Gal Gabriel from EPSM;  John Stinar from OCM and current part-time faculty; and Orlando Velez from Urban Policy.Planning in Higher Education_Empowerhouse