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Faculty News: Jeff Smith talks about ‘Orange is the New Black’ on All In with Chris Hayes

Jeff Smith on All IN

Last night, Urban Policy Professor Jeff Smith met with Piper Kerman, author of (and inspiration for) Orange is the New Black on the MSNBC show ‘All In’ with Chris Hayes. The three sit down and discuss the reality of federal prison life, especially for those who haven’t experienced any connection to prison life, as well as …

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Faculty News: Professor Jeff Smith Guest-Hosts on SiriusXM’s ‘Polioptics’

Professor Jeff Smith guest-hosted on SiriusXM’s radio show ‘Polioptics’ to discuss prison reform in the U.S., the recent Supreme Court decisions and the NSA surveillance program controversy.

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Milano Faculty: Jeff Smith

Milano Professor Jeff Smith offers his insight into a variety of topics: from lending his expertise and experience as a former state senator to discern what Netflix’s House of Cards “gets right – and what it doesn’t,” to how the city of Detroit can turn itself around, Jeff has much to say. Additionally, he sees opportunity to …

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Media and Politics: Election 2012

With the 2012 presidential campaigns in full throttle, communication experts discussed the role of the media and the ways the media influence and are influenced by the Democrat and Republican campaign strategies. Topics explored include the candidate debates and advertising messages and markets as well as unanticipated uses of the media, with the campaign context …

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Urban Policy in an Era of Fiscal Austerity

With the federal debt at $16 trillion, the fate of the nation’s cities stands at a crossroads. While cities like New York appear to be doing better than ever, a rising tide of poverty and inequality threatens to undermine their progress. Meanwhile, a large group of second-tier cities, from Detroit and St. Louis to Stockton …

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