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The Tech Challenge for Atrocity Prevention

Do you think you have an idea to prevent mass atrocities? USAID wants to pay you to hear about them! Visit the website (here) to find out more about how to enter and compete for cash prizes. This is also a great way to build a resume.  

Human Right Watch: Weighing the Evidence

Media Report Presentation Team Julie Wilkinson Sri Peddu Nina Arron Organization Human Rights Watch About The impact of Slobodan Milosevic’s indictment and trial on Serbian politics appears somewhat debatable [I think you mean a different word. The impact is certainly “debatable,” as is being done, but I think you may mean the impact appears “negligible”]. Although his initial …

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Human Rights Watch: The Issue of Amnesties

Media Report Presentation Team Jesica Santos Radosh Piletich Monica Paz, Bonnie Nezaj Kellie McDaniel Micheal Hill Organization Human Rights Watch About The goal of this inquiry is to analyze whether or not there can be peace and reconciliation in cases where conflict and massive civil strife were followed by blanket amnesties which included crimes against humanity and …

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Human Rights Watch: Accountability and Impunity: Afghanistan, Kosovo and Argentina

Media Report Presentation Team Adrian Weisel Dustin Friedman Laetitia Pactat Organization Human Rights Watch About In countries emerging from conflict and groping with issues surrounding of justice, there is often a struggle between pursuing war crimes prosecutions and granting amnesties. Perpetrators of war crimes and potential defendants often request, as a condition for a ceasefire …

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