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Milano Professor Rick McGahey Weighs In On Paul Ryan’s Budget Proposal

McGahey calls the budget a mere strategic move by Ryan which attempts to appeal to hard core Republican fiscal values in a ploy to position himself for the 2016 presidential election. The article speaks to the broader, more troublesome reality that Washington will likely be dragged back into budget wars fueled by ideological battles that most Americans reject

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Looking Back at Women’s History Month at Milano

In March Milano celebrated Women’s History Month by engaging students, alumnae, faculty, and staff in conversations about women’s role in challenging orthodoxy, workplace leadership, and the media. On March 14 the panel discussion entitled “Feminist Critique: Contributions to International Affairs, Management, and Urban Policy“ highlighted and debated the unique contributions of feminist perspectives in pursuing alternative analyses, frameworks, and movements in …

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What John F. Kennedy’s Legacy Teaches Us About The Value Of Candor


Urban Policy Professor Jeff Smith wrote an article for Fast Company What John F. Kennedy’s Legacy Teaches Us About The Value Of Candor that answers the question: Was John F. Kennedy the last honest politician?

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Jeff Smith on All in with Chris Hayes on MSNBC

Urban Policy professor Jeff Smith appeared on All in with Chris Hayes on MSNBC to discuss “Liz Cheney’s Faustian Bargain on gay rights.” Smith, a former Missouri state senator, commented on Wyoming state senate candidate Liz Cheney’s anit-gay marriage stance and her openly gay sister, Liz Cheney’s, decision not to support the candidacy.

Urban Policy Prof. Jeff Smith Article in The Atlantic


Urban Policy Professor Jeff Smith recently wrote an article entitled Do Liberals Deserve Larry Summers as Fed Chair? for The Atlantic. In the article, Smith gives reason to believe the Tea Party may understand the political game of attaining desired policy outcomes better than progressives.

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