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Looking Back at Women’s History Month at Milano

In March Milano celebrated Women’s History Month by engaging students, alumnae, faculty, and staff in conversations about women’s role in challenging orthodoxy, workplace leadership, and the media. On March 14 the panel discussion entitled “Feminist Critique: Contributions to International Affairs, Management, and Urban Policy“ highlighted and debated the unique contributions of feminist perspectives in pursuing alternative analyses, frameworks, and movements in …

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Alumni Spotlight: Diana Rusu


“As a result of my research and interviews I have concluded that the best way women can bring the change is by taking a more participatory approach. They should involve themselves in professional trainings, they should be educated, come with ideas and develop them (even if this means failing sometimes). [As a result they will] become aware of their rights and gender equality in society [and they will] fight and speak for their liberties, [and they will] become more powerful.” -Diana Rusu

Alumni Spotlight: Maximillian Ashwill

“The director of the [GPIA], Michael Cohen, once recommended that I take classes based on which professors I wanted to learn from, not based on the actual course description. This was the most valuable advice I received during my time at the New School.

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Alum Melissa Holmes Collaborates with Milano and Parsons Student Team

Melissa Holmes

This February, a team of 13 students and three faculty members from The New School Urban Collective, a partnership between Milano’s Community Development Finance Lab and Parsons School of Design Strategies, will be joining Melissa in her ambitious endeavor.

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Student Spotlight: Aliana Pineiro

aliana pineiro

“A constant challenge when working in development is trying not to get disillusioned when things get hard. Sometimes I question why I am here or if I am really helping anyone. I think it is good to really evaluate if you or the organization that you work for is doing good work, and every time this comes up, I remind myself that we are doing great work here at Runa.”

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