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Urban Policy Professor Lisa Servon Published in The New Yorker

Urban Policy Professor Lisa Servon recently spent four months working as a teller at RiteCheck, a check casher, in the South Bronx. She set out to gain a better understanding of why the poor choose to use these types of finance institutions rather than traditional banks. Read more about her experience and findings in her …

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Urban Policy Prof. Lisa Servon mentioned in HuffPo

Urban Policy Professor Lisa Servon was mentioned in the Huffington Post article The Changing Face of the Marketplace. The article’s author, Gina Harman, discusses an article Servon wrote for Public Books entitled Ritecheck 12 where Servon writes about the “alternative financing industry” and her experience working as a teller in the South Bronx. Harman describes Servon’s …

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Article: Why Quantitative Skills Matter to Public Policy Graduate Students

Graduate students in public policy programs are taking quantitative courses – economics, statistics, finance – beyond that which is required to earn their degrees.  They realize the competitive edge having such skills offers them in the job market.  Thanks for the article recommendation, Professor Charles Allison! (Blog) – Public policy graduate students are beefing up …

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